45 mins





My hands have never felt more hydrated. Thank you. I'll be back regularly.

Laura Greene

A truly invigorating experience for your hands that starts with a wonderful peppermint soak followed by cuticle maintenance.

Waterlily Bamboo & Spearmint Footscrub leaves your hands primed and ready for the shaping of nails.

To finish we gently buff and then immerse your hands in our specially formulated parrafin dip, finishing with Waterlily Moroccan & Guava moisturizer.

Due to the nourishing properties of the paraffin dip, we recommend to leave nails unpainted for 12 hours after this treatment. Please note, we do not have the tools to remove Shellac. It’s recommended you advise your therapist at the start of your treatment if you have Shellac.


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