Pre Anti-Ageing

For skin that needs to activate and strengthen its defences to prevent premature ageing. Designed to prevent and work against premature ageing, it effectively works against environmental stresses and lack of skin oxygenation, helping your skin to look it's BEST. Recommended for anti ageing and oxygenation anytime of year and from 25 - 30 years onward. A good oxygenating skin care treatment for smokers.


Working in a truly ‘intelligent’ way to protect the skin against the visible signs of ageing.

Lack of sleep, stress, pollution, UV rays etc., all add to the toll your skin takes as we age. When you first notice the signs of ageing – it is time to turn to Excel Therapy O2. This range will provide your skin with a powerful ally to defend and protect itself against the external aggressions of day to day life.

Excel Therapy O2 is the result of years of research. Its formulas are based on a combination of ingredients of biotechnical origin:

  • MPC Complex, with a mixture of multi-functional cytokines ha work in an intelligent & personalised way, & revolutionary lipid nanostructures that work to re-establish the self defence mechanisms against environmental stress and signs of ageing.
  • Life Cytoxygen, a complex with oxygen ceramide liposomes that work to neutralise the toxins and breathe new life back into skin which is started to show the signs of ageing.

With Excel Therapy O2 you will see immediate and long lasting results, the skin recovers its well-being, it will look healthier and more youthful.