Vitamin C

Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) is the worlds first product for ANTI-GLYCATION

Glycation is when an excess of glucose in the skin combines with proteins like collagen and elastin fibers. This new formation is called A.G.E.s, or Advanced Glycation End products.

As we age, these A.G.E.s, accumulate in the skin cells and end up destroying the skin's support cushion, which is formed by elastin and collagen fibers. In other words, glucose binds itself around the collagen and elastin fibers and over time makes them stiff, even to the point of breaking and making them immobile.

In short, skin glycation damages the collagen, reduces the skin's suppleness, makes tissues sag, creates wrinkles and alters the structure of the skin. As a result, it accelerates the process of skin ageing by making it flaccid, producing dark spots and depleting its vitality. Glycation and its effects on ageing is enhanced by oxidative stress and UV radiation.

The cosmetic objective is to slow down the anti-aging process.