Mens Skincare

Men’s skin is often aggravated by daily shaving, and it can become more sensitive and needs to be treated properly – not just any product will do!

Germaine de Capuccini have created a small but highly effective line that treats the characteristics of men’s skin very precisely, and those that try our products return again and again!

If you shave – then there are 3 global products that can be used by all. Cool Scrub (use before shaving twice a week), Supreme Shave (a rich cream that your razor will glide through easily) and Finishave that soothes, calms, and protects the skin.

We have hydrating products. anti-ageing products and an excellent range for oily skin. For those that need a ‘quick fix’ – for the morning after the night before – look for the Anti-Fatigue Serum!

Men's skin has different needs to women's skin that is why Germaine de Capuccini, Spain and Italy Number 1 Skin Care Company has brought out an exclusive range of products with men's skin care needs in mind.

Active ingredients - Birch sap - rich in vitamin C & B give the skin tone, hydration and firmness.

Restores energy to the skin.

Trace elements

  • Zinc - protects against free radials.
  • Magnesium - helps regenerate vital energy for the skin.
  • Copper - improves quality of collagen and elastin fibers
  • Iron - favours skin renewal. Olive leaf - reduces sebum secretion, inhibits bacterial growth, regulates keritinazation process.
  • Vitamin C - powerful anti oxidant
  • Sake, citrus and bitter orange - Firming, soothing and improves drainage.
  • Eashave - wheatgerm and yeast proteins help to regenerate the protective layer of the skin, soothes irritation, refreshes and comforts