Cellulite Treatments

We offer cellulite treatments in adelaide

Temple Day Spa offers effective cellulite reduction to Adelaide clients. We provide non-surgical and painless treatments that can get your skin to look smoother and be more firm. The method we use is called endermologie and is the number one treatment for cellulite and fat loss in the world.

During your session your skin will be mechanically stimulated with a physiotherapy apparatus. The treatment will improve circulation, enhance nutrients exchange and eliminate stubborn fat. It is a gentle therapeutic process that can be used to particularly target those areas that are unaffected by diet or conventional exercise. After a series of treatments clients generally experience a reduction in fluid retention and many people notice that cellulite is smoothed out after a few sessions. The treatment is effective yet gentle leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed during the sessions.

At Temple Day Spa we can help you reduce cellulite and sculpt your body in a way that is truly noticeable, by you and those who know you.

If you want to find out more about how endermologie works and how you can benefit from it, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us now. Our friendly staff members will gladly provide you with further information.