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Sharon Templeton, Founder and Owner of Temple Day Spa, opened Temple Day Spa in 2013, because she had a vision.

To create a place where everyone felt welcomed and nurtured.

Where anyone that walked through the doors, could leave the stresses of the day behind, take a moment for themselves, reconnect and truly listen to their body.

It’s this philosophy which has quickly made Temple Day Spa Adelaide’s most talked about relaxation destinations for both women and men.

Simply put… it’s the place to be!

Sharon Templeton
Hayley Pearson with Sharon Templeton

Sharon and her daughter Kristy, who has been involved with Temple Day Spa since day one, are quite the dynamic duo.

You’ll most likely be greeted by Kristy’s warm and infectious smile at Reception when you visit the spa.

Proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Kristy is truly another reason why Temple Day Spa is such a nurturing and welcoming space.

Sharon’s passion to motivate and inspire others to take time for themselves and listen to their body, comes from her deep desire to teach her own daughter how important it is to reconnect, truly give herself permission to relax and prioritise self care.

We could talk all day about Sharon, but when Hayley Pearson of Adelady first met Sharon and visited Temple Day Spa, she wrote about it… and well, we think it couldn’t be more perfect.

So take it away Hayley…

You know when you meet someone for the first time and you get that feeling like you’ve known them for your whole life? That’s how I felt when I first met the owner of Temple Day Spa, Sharon.

It’s like she could see right through me and into my soul. Deep, I know — but it’s true.

We were instant friends so when I talk about her amazing day spa that she created, I can’t do that without telling you about her… she’s the reason why it is what it is.

Hayley Pearson with Sharon Templeton

 Kind, genuine, funny, smart, and with truck loads of passion, Sharon is our perfect kind of person. The way she taps into how you’re feeling on the inside  (even though on the outside you might be smiling and happy), is uncanny. Her selfless nature makes her a brilliant listener and boy-oh-boy has she listened to us blabber on over the years.

Working as a young single mama in the corporate world for over two decades,  Sharon was very familiar with anxiety and the importance of self care. She wanted to create a space that was everything that she as a busy working mama needed. A warm, welcoming, relaxing day spa where people could come, feel safe, and let go of all their stresses and just BE. And so Temple Day Spa was born. “I just want everyone who steps through our door, to feel like they are being given a big warm hug and for them to feel worthy of being pampered.”