How to Get Rid of Cellulite without Surgery!

If you're like most people and have unsightly cellulite on your arms or legs then this article is for you. I thought I'd explain our exciting solution to moving cellulite on and smoothing out your skin - Endermologie, the only non-surgical and clinically proven Cellulite Reduction Treatment!

We have been providing the Endermologie treatments in the spa since 2006 and our specialist therapists have over 18 years of experience helping many women and even men to achieve some amazing results!! Its not just about the Endermologie treatments, its about giving you the support and motivation to help you reach your goals and get that body of yours ready for summer!

From our clients feedback over the years, we realised most women do try to eat well and excersise, however they felt despondent that they just can’t loose weight and find it especially difficult to get rid of stubborn cellulite and ultimately feel good about themselves. 

Lets face it, we are all wired pretty much the same way. We just want to look and feel good about our bodies!


It's the most relaxing, non-invasive and enjoyable way to possibly shape, tone and firm your body and to reduce this unsightly cellulite lumps. You will see also see a reduction in fluid retention, experience inch loss from your body and improve your overall skin fitness and well being. We call it the skin gym!


The KeymoduleCellu6 is small hand-held, motorised treatment head with specially designed independent rollers. By gently lifting and rolling the skin it stimulates the venous and lymphatic systems eliminating toxins. Fibroblasts are stimulated to increase collagen and elastin production, generating a healthier rejuvenated skin tone.

During the treatment you wear a full body stocking (which we will provide you) and the therapist will gently massage the rollers over you’re body concentrating on your problem areas. Don’t fear because this cellulite targeting treatment doesn't hurt at all. In fact the massaging effect is very soothing as Toxins and any abnormal fluid retention build up is expelled. Endermologie increases the cutaneous blood flow by 400 percent and lymphatic flow by 300 percent. It's completely relaxing and as the connective fibres in your skin are stretched and restored you will feel all tingly and revitalised. Theres is absolutely nothing like it!  


We see this as a wellness program and we sit down with you in your first consultation, which is FREE, to assess and analyse your goals. Each 35 minute session costs $140 and most clients find a more affordable option is to purchase discounted packages of either 6 or 10 sessions. You can, of course, talk to us about any of our packages to get rid of cellulite.


We recommend to have 2 x 35 minute Endermologie sessions per week for 3-5 weeks to achieve best results. Before and after photos and measurements will be taken for you, so we can accurately track your success. Then after this initial period, we will sit down with you again and plan a maintenance program. Most of our clients only need to have 1 x 35 minute session per month to maintain their results. 


Just give us a call on 8172166 and make an appointment! We will personally sit down with you and walk you through what your concerns are about your body, your diet and work out a program tailored specifically just for you. I'm very proud of the great success we've had with our targeted treatments over the years and the team & I will continue to help many women and men just like yourself to get rid of cellulite, so don't wait give us a call now! 

My special offer* to you for reading this article is your first ENDERMOLOGIE SESSION FREE That’s a FREE consult and 1 x 35 minute session VALUED AT $140.00 completely FREE 

Ring now 81721666, you know your curious :-)

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We look forward to seeing you soon.

Sharon x

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