It’s officially March, and summer is almost over. Today is International Women’s Day, and whilst we post and celebrate the women in our lives who have made an impact, who are strong, courageous, passionate… I really want you to stop for a moment. We spend so much time patting everyone else on the back and giving our time and energy to those we love, often times we are guilty of forgetting the one person who should celebrate the most. Ourselves!

Over the last 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of talking to women from all walks of life and no matter who they are, the story is ALWAYS the same. As women, we never make time for ourselves. We are so good at championing others and making others feel good, needed and special… sometimes, we forget about ourselves.

So, seeing as it’s a day to celebrate women, here are 5 ways to prioritise you!

Set Boundaries:
Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty. I’ve come to find that setting boundaries, is CRUCIAL for my mental health and also helps me to value my energy and time more. It’s about understanding your limits and communicating them clearly to others. Start small by turning down requests that overextend you or conflict with your personal time. Remember, saying no to others often means saying yes to yourself.

Self-Care Rituals:
Romanticise the way you care for yourself by adding simple self-care rituals into your daily routine. What makes you feel good? Add more and more of that to your day. Whether it’s a bath with bubbles, candles and a wine at the end of the day or a really beautiful nightly skin care routine that leaves you feeling hydrated… whatever you choose to do make a promise that you’ll do it every day.

Allocate ‘Me Time’:
Schedule regular dates with yourself each week! Treat this time as non-negotiable, just like any other important appointment. What recharges and energises you? Do that! Is it losing yourself in that book you’ve been meaning to read, or a walk to the park with the dog… perhaps it’s going to see that movie you’ve been dying to see. Date yourself… make it fun!

Mindful Consumption:
Do not continue to follow people or pages on social media that make you feel inadequate, stressed, or unhappy. It’s time to curate your feeds AND set time limits. Replace negative content with inspirational or educational material that uplifts you or contributes to your growth. And put yourself on notice… don’t get stuck doom scrolling until all hours of the night.

Invest in Yourself:
The key to keeping your life fun and fresh, is continuing to invest in yourself. Ever wanted to learn how to make sourdough… take a course! Heading overseas on a holiday… why not learn the local language. Investing in yourself is a powerful affirmation of your value and potential. It also keeps you engaged and excited about the future.

Now you know my five little hacks to starting and continuing to put yourself first promise me this. YOU will make time for YOU. Before the wheels fall off and before you start feeling exhausted… please take out your diary or look at your calendar and start to schedule in time for yourself.

It doesn’t need to cost you anything, but I can guarantee if you don’t look after yourself it will cost you your self worth, confidence, passion, motivation… so now is the time to stop continually putting yourself last.

You… we… can do it!

x Sharon