Today I’m going to dispel some myths about our signature Hot Stone Massage at Temple Day Spa AND tell you the top 3 reasons why it’s significantly better for you.

Firstly, I feel like so many of us, when we think about a hot stone massage think that the stones are warmed and then just left on areas of our body while a traditional massage is taking place.

At Temple Day Spa, that’s not the case.

Any one who has had a Hot Stone Massage with us will know that it’s a truly magical experience. Our basalt stones are warmed to a beautiful temperature and incorporated into your massage, acting as an extension for your therapist’s touch.

Deep Muscle Relief Without the Discomfort:
Imagine the deepest layers of tension melting away without the intense pressure often associated with a traditional deep tissue massage. Hot stone therapy achieves exactly that. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into your muscles, easing them into a state of relaxation that’s both profound and gentle. It’s like coaxing knots to untangle themselves, offering relief that’s both immediate and lasting. Perfect for those who love the idea of depth without discomfort.

Circulation and Healing Combined:
Each warm stone placed on your body is a little emissary of healing, encouraging blood flow to areas of stiffness and soreness. This improved circulation doesn’t just feel incredible; it kickstarts your body’s own healing mechanisms. More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to tired muscles, helping to speed up recovery, reduce inflammation, and boost your overall health. It’s therapy that goes beyond the surface, nurturing your body where it needs it most.

A Sanctuary for Mental Well-being:
The warmth of a hot stone massage envelops you in a cocoon of comfort, creating a profound sense of safety and calm. This isn’t just a physical release but a mental escape too. In the quietude that surrounds you, your mind is gently coaxed away from the clamor of daily life into a space of serene reflection. It’s an invitation to journey inward, discovering peace and clarity amidst the warmth of the stones. In these moments of stillness, you’re not just being pampered; you’re being reminded of your own resilience and strength.

If you’re feeling tight in your shoulders, neck, upper or lower back… I can’t stress enough how much our signature Hot Stone Massage will be able to help open up your muscles, relax and ease tension. You’ll feel remarkable after… believe me!

Love Sharon x

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